20 Nov 2014

• A Sheerer, Milkier Fiji •

Now that the autumn months have rolled over I feel like I had to move aside my much used (and loved) Essie polish in Fiji that was painted on my nails for the majority of summer and post-summer months and bring on a more season appropriate shade. But, instead of going for those almost-black shades I decided to ease in with more of a nude colour. And I'm sure it's just coincidence that it's quite similar to Fiji..

18 Nov 2014

• What's On My Face #5 •

It's bacckkk! It's been a while, but I decided to make another FOTD style post, as they really are one of my favourites to write. I haven't been changing up my makeup too much for autumn, but I do have a look I wanted to share with you all. (And I promise; I'll try to make a smokier look with a darker lip soon!)

16 Nov 2014

• The 90's Nude Lip •

We've all seen the horrors of the nineties lip fashion; brown lip liners paired with a concealer looking lip colour, but some gals did pull it off more subtly. I've never been much of a nude lip wearing person - if I want to go natural, I go sheer - but recently for some reason I've been wearing it a ton and I realised how versatile it is. I think a brown nude can be quite scary and only suit some, but after trying it myself I realised it doesn't actually look that bad.

11 Nov 2014

• Sydney In Film •

I recently got the photos developed that I took with my film camera in Sydney, and I just had to share them. It's always an exciting moment when you look through all the photos you took weeks earlier, and despite the few pictures that were a bit of a failure, there were a good bunch! I hope you enjoy looking at them, they're mostly taken on either Bondi or Manly beach or on the ferry. I really did enjoy Sydney a lot, and if you ever want to go I'd highly recommend you do - it's sort of like England, but with good weather and palm trees. (And yes, that is indeed a picture of my toes..)

Zazie x 

9 Nov 2014

• A BB Cream Good For The Skin •

Recently I've been noticing that when I'm wearing foundation (not a very often occasion), it doesn't seem to sit right. All of them seem to be going a little bit patchy and sticking to parts of my face and I have no idea why. I wanted to try out something a little lighter, and although the whole BB/CC mimic hasn't really caught up with me, I thought I might as well give one a try.

1 Nov 2014

• The Checked Shirt •

I haven't seen Winter in over two years, but I must admit - I do miss it. Maybe not so much the cold, but I love throwing on a pair of jeans and a jumper and be all snug and good to go. But we don't have Winter here in Singapore, so I must deal with it.