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• Brows, Brows, Brows •

If theres one makeup step I dislike the most, and find the hardest, it's eyebrows. Unfortunately I'm not naturally blessed with bold, dark eyebrows, but white blonde ones. Although they do have some thickness to them, the lack of colour makes them very hard to work with.

• The Autumnal Lip •

Now that it's coming up to autumn, I'm beginning to change little steps in my makeup routine, and one of these is lips. I'm not one for dark purples or browns, but I do think I can get away with it in the coming season.

• The Playlist #3 •

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I decided to create another playlist post, as I do enjoy sharing my song picks with you, and I've been listening to a ton of new songs after summer. As always, it's a mix of old favourites and new ones, so I hope you enjoy!

• Alexiares & Ani •

I've always wanted to try out a local skincare brand, and so when I heard about Alexiares & Ani I knew I wanted to try some stuff. They very kindly sent me some products to try out, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on them with you. It is a Singapore based brand, so any of you not living here, you sadly won't be able to get their products, but hopefully some of my Singaporean readers will find this helpful. It uses no nasty ingredients and the website can be found here.

• The Crease Combo •

Most of us have a signature eye look, and although I thought I didn't have one, there is one step that I never miss out - whether I'm going for a full on smokey eye, or keeping it very "au naturel".

• The Slouchy Tee •

I think all of us prefer comfort over style, and I love getting all cozy and slouchy in some trackies and a hoodie, but living in Singapore, you kind of have to interpret this. I picked up this cropped baggy t-shirt from H&M the other day, and I've been getting a ton of use out of it.

• The Perfect Base •

If you read my last What's On My Face edit, you would have heard me talk about loving the look and feel of a sheerer foundation with a heavy duty concealer, and today I'm going to touch on the subject again.

• One Toner, Many Benefits •

Toner was always a step I missed out in my skincare routine, purely because I couldn't be bothered. I also didn't see much use to it and just made me want to wash it off, especially when I didn't like the scent - I'm looking at you Rose Water. But, a while ago I picked up a slightly different toner, and it's a good one!

• What's On My Face #4 •

I hope you aren't sick of these posts yet, but I must admit they are one of my favourites to do. Today's look incorporates the two products I reviewed in my last post (linked here), as I didn't add in any swatches. It's a very rose gold/pink look, that I think anyone can pull off. I'm all about simple and subtle, but I hope you like it!